Tuesday, April 22, 2014


flashback: preparatory days at st. scholastica's academy, san fernando, pampanga.

classmate: anong baon mo?
paci: eto.
classmate: di ba yan din baon mo kahapon?
paci: oo. sarap eh.
classmate: di ka nagsasawa?
paci: hindi. sarap eh.

end of flashback.

plain and simple, i love peanut butter. i could choose any kind of bread - pandesal, white bread, wheat bread, raisin loaf, even burger buns. i may use any kind of jam or jelly but i prefer strawberry, my favorite fruit. and now the good part - to combine the peanut butter and jelly like one brand did or have them on separate slices; spread thinly or up to the edge nearly overflowing; toast or not to toast; add fruits or other nuts.

i could never go wrong in making pb&j. it is so easy.

one bite and i'm that six year old again.

i'm the innocent tot who loved going to school but had no dream of becoming a doctor or engineer or dentist or priest unlike his classmates. i didn't have any clue what i would become someday. what was clear to me was i wanted to learn. a lot.

so whenever i feel like taking a trip down memory lane or if i want to speak to the kid within me, i would fix myself with one of these and pair it with a glass of milk. it is so easy and it never fails.


Seth said...

same. mas gusto ko local or home made peanut butter oils and all kesa dun sa imported brands. the cookie butter never appealed to me even if it costs 500 a jar.

for jams/jelly, i prefer the clara ole or the imported brands because they spread much smoother and not too sweet :)

paci said...

never tried cookie butter. wow costly! haha.

if you're that health conscious you could always choose wheat bread and the brand of peanut butter and jelly. =)