Monday, April 21, 2014


i've been gone for too long.

and to be honest, i don't have the slightest idea where (or when) to start. a few times i tried to come back because i felt the need to but i guess i lack the courage or should i say the words to string into my utterly bland sentences.

weird. because my muse never left me. because thinking about it makes me realize that the words are still there. i never lost anything but instead gained more than what i have expected and wished for.

this blog is my therapy. writing is my therapy. it is far different from singing through the fire or that song requested by mama - parting time, on top of my lungs with a bottle of beer in my hand. and while eating strawberry ice cream is fun, it pales in comparison to juggling words into coherent thoughts, hoping someone would able to get what you are trying to say.

i have to admit though, i have lost touch. like a musician who haven't played for so long that he needs to reintroduce himself to his instrument, paying respect to the craft he used to love...and live.

with apologies to my blog, i decided to write, write again and write until i can write no more. liking and sharing posts in facebook would never be enough. one hundred and forty characters in twitter is okay but i prefer to employ paragraphs.

i could still vividly remember this feeling. this particular feeling when i submitted my first post, when i got my first follower, when i received my first comment, when i typed in my first reply. this feeling that i have whenever i write.

yes, i've been gone for too long but not long enough. i am back.


Donald Pal said...

Welcome back!

paci said...

thank you! and i have my first comment. really appreciate it.

Mamon said...

I'm excited to read your coming posts :)

paci said...

thanks for visiting mamon! soft and fluffy. =)