Monday, April 28, 2014

the year that was - diet? what diet?

respect each other especially your differences.

what i like about bf is that he is like me in so many ways. we love our families no matter how dysfunctional the members could be. our fathers are strong pillars and our mothers are crazy. in the future we will take care of them due to the obvious reason that we are the gay sons. as bf sees it, our fathers will definitely get along while our mothers would join forces and become crazier. having the gift of foresight, i do see it coming. it won't be pretty but will surely be fun.

bf and i have very beautiful sisters who love us to death. i have two brothers who have issues and he has a brother with issues.

bf is the pasaway kid and i happen to be the prodigal son/lost/black sheep of the family. we do make a deadly pair and for that we get to be heard by everyone and our words do matter.

but what i like more about bf is that he is not like me in more ways. with his spontaneity he shakes my usual sound and planned world. while i have only plan A, he has up to Z. my weekend at home usually ends up somewhere with a lot of food and drinks. which is fun if i may add. 

having small and few social circles, i do not have a lot going on for me so i have time to fix my schedule and prepare. on the other hand, he has so many friends that we may end up going to two occasions in one day or four in a weekend. i always point out he is a social butterfly with eagle wings. he doesn't flap from one flower to another, he travels from garden to garden over great distances.

we also have a different taste when it comes to boys. he is into gym fit and muscular guys, i'm not. in all fairness he only dated a few guys (that's what he said and i don't have proof to say otherwise), and i dated a lot. i do admit i went through a playful phase and i also got dumped numerous times.

differences do create conflicts from time to time and it takes effort to work them out.

no matter how different we may be, bf and i love good food. cheat or no cheat day. diet or no diet. i remember we went out one day..

bf: you like chinese food?
me: yes i do.
bf: you like korean food?
me: yes i do but not too spicy.
bf: okay, noted. i like it spicy but i'm glad we love food.
me: haha. just don't make me eat a lot.
bf: too late. you have to be fat so boys won't try to flirt with you.

i don't know if he succeeded but i did gain ten pounds over the year. and people did notice. then again there are still guys who would try to flirt with me. 


Geosef Garcia said...

According to studies, long-term relationship is the number one cause of gaining weight. And I totally agree with that. ;)

paci said...

oh yes that is so true! =)