Thursday, April 24, 2014

the year that was - morning after

on a lazy weekend morning
as sunbeams enter the room
i wake up to find
my boyfriend still in dreamland
i am about to touch him
perhaps after a minute or two or three
i pause
i have to remember this moment
this face that i see, his face
so peaceful, his face
that i want to see every single day
whenever i wake up
i recall
staring at him last night
minutes before falling to sleep
wishing i will see the light of tomorrow
praying he is still with me
then i ask myself
is this for real?
am i ready?
are we prepared?
will this last?
will this end?
is this a stepping stone?
or a stumbling block?
a time bomb waiting to explode?
i touch his nose, his cheeks, his forehead
he opens his eyes 
his lips forming a smile
good morning babe, i love you
i tell myself that i am okay
this is where i want to be

p.s. image from here.

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