Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the year that was part 1

it was a leap of faith. the decision was so sudden that i didn't think too much about it. it was a big one though, and a lot of times i asked myself if it was the right move.

a year ago my sister was accepted at fda, more popularly known as bfad. we were so happy for her though i was confident that she would get the position knowing she was very qualified. her work experience at dost plus her credentials were more than enough. i mean, anyone who would doubt her should scrutinize her thesis on enzyme-treated espasol. 

then we learned that her office is in alabang which is too far from marikina so she had to leave our apartment. though she was able to survive travelling from marikina to bicutan on her previous work, she is no wonderwoman. she was left with two choices - to live with our kuya in laguna or to rent an apartment near her office.

she chose the former, which left me, our aunt and two cousins to bear heavier bills and expenses since my sister and i gave higher contributions to our budget. after so much discussion we decided to leave the apartment and go our separate ways. our aunt moved into an apartment with one of her office mates in makati which is near her work. one cousin transferred to cainta and the other to antipolo.

i had nowhere to go.

then my knight-in-shining-armor came and "adopted" me. he loved me too much that he did not want me to wander in the harsh streets of metro manila. searching for a new apartment or bed space would be impractical and i had to deal with room mates or house mates which really is not a problem though i heard gruesome stories of house mates from hell. anyway, i found myself living with my boyfriend in caloocan.

it was a giant step for the both of us. three months into the relationship and there we were, living together in an instant. and it spelled one heck of a challenge.

to be concluded..

p.s. photo was taken here.

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